Our assessors - what's the process?

Outlined below is the process our Assessors need to take when assessing a P3 course.  

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the latest guidance for assessors from Play Wales and the assessment support pack from SQA also available through Play Wales.
  2. Arrange with all learners a time and place to observe them at work. Ideally this should be done during the taught part of the course.
  3. Go and observe the learners, ask the relevant questions, give feedback, and make and record an assessment decision.
  4. As agreed during the course all learners should submit their work to you at the agreed deadline.
  5. Assess all learners’ work promptly against the assessment criteria and submit them according to the agreed submission procedures
  6. Ensure work is complete, signed and dated.
  7. Send work securely to Play Wales.


Work is verified at Play Wales as outlined by the submission procedures in the assessors’ guidance.