Our assessors

Play Wales has facilitated the training and support of playwork assessors in Wales so that they can assess the Playwork: Principles into Practice (P3) qualification.

All our assessors are competent and qualified playworkers and playwork assessors. They will observe learners in the workplace as well as assess learners' written work. All our assessors' decisions are subject to standardisation and verification to ensure consistency and fairness.

If you would like to discuss suitable assessors to assess P3 in your area please email our Workforce Development team or you may contact assessors directly using our list of assessors (which also lists our trainers).

Entry Requirements

Play Wales is committed to ensuring the highest standards of training, delivery and assessment. Consequently, we require that all potential assessors of our courses demonstrate their competence.

If you wish to assess a P3 course you will be asked to demonstrate your:

  • Playwork competence
  • Assessing competence

Playwork competence is normally demonstrated through a short reflective account and professional discussion that shows your commitment to and understanding of the Playwork Principles, giving examples from your practice.

Assessing competence is normally demonstrated by holding a recognised assessing award such as the Award and Certificate in Assessment and Quality Assurance, previously the A1/A2 (part of Assessor & Verifier Awards), D32/33 or L20. You will also be asked to indicate the nature and length of your assessment experience.


Occasionally Play Wales runs appropriate assessor training for prospective P3 assessors. Applicants are expected to show their playwork competence.

For more details about assessor training please email the Workforce Development team or call 02920 486050.


We ask that all our P3 assessors agree to assess at least one P3 course per year and undertake and record appropriate continuous professional development (CPD).

As a P3 assessor you will be expected to assess and return promptly all learners assessments as agreed as well as using reflective practice to improve your own performance.

Periodically throughout the year Play Wales runs free trainer and assessor days that provide support and offer the chance for more detailed feedback. In addition, several times a year assessors are asked to attend standardisation meetings to ensure the quality and consistency of assessment decisions.

As part of our quality assurance process all assessors decisions are subject to verification and assessors may be observed annually by Play Wales or its internal verifiers.