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As part of our evaluation of the Playwork: Principles into Practice (P3) courses we asked managers of playworkers how they felt the training had impacted on playwork practice at their settings:

Jo Jones, Play Development Officer, Vale of Glamorgan

As an employer I was very happy with the training and the outcome for the team, from comments made and questions asked by the staff team it was evident the training had improved their understanding of their role.

Sue Bradshaw, Leader, Bishopston Summer Play Scheme, Gower

The children played with all the unrestrained enthusiasm and energy that we had seen in previous years but there was a sense of greater freedom. Children played more imaginatively, were more physically active, relaxed, trusting, free, collaborative and happy. The same applied to the staff team. 


Lisa Williams, Play Team Co-ordinator, Gwent Association of Voluntary Associations

(Since the training) the team is more reflective in their practice and they spend more time observing and evaluating the play sessions and how play opportunities can be extended. This has impacted on the children and young people, as the staff are better equipped and skilled to extend their play. Some staff who came from childcare backgrounds have had a complete change of mindset and through the training have really embraced the ethos of playwork.

Debra Jones, Play Development Worker, Valleys Kids
The P3 training has made a huge difference to the playworkers; they are far more confident speaking to parents and others about the importance of play and the play process. Their practice has changed dramatically; there is more thought about how, when or if to intervene. They are more reflective about the play sessions, themselves and each other, they are more open and supportive of trying new things.

As an employer you need staff to have a variety of knowledge ranging from, play to the dreaded health and safety and everything in between; P3 has incorporated these and much more. P3 is progressive and has separate parts which allows employers and learners to choose the right level of learning for the individual, this helps a natural progression through training. The courses give employers quality staff that are trained on play, not on how many electrical socket covers are needed!


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