Conference Themes

The themes for the Playing into the Future - surviving and thriving were: 

Play – Individual and Social

  • Play and its contribution to adaptation, healing, resilience, risk-management, social wellbeing, emotional literacy and learning
  • Play deprivation, bias and extremes – the effects on children of having no opportunity to play, or only being able to play in a very limited or extreme way and how these effects might be overcome
  • Play and identity
  • Play and the playwork approach
  • Play and the reflective practitioner

Play – Environment and Space - indoor, outdoor, virtual, urban or rural

  • The environment, space and time within which playing occurs – is promoted or inhibited – whether planned by adults or not
  • Providing environments where children and young people can create and manage risk and uncertainty
  • The influence physical and emotional environments have on play


Play – Society and Culture

  • Play and policy making
  • Freedom to play and the structures of society and communities – social divisions, material divisions, mobility and inequality
  • Play cultures and folklore
  • Playing, ethnography and children’s geographies
  • War, conflict and play


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