What learners have said ...

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Here is a short selection of what learners have said about the P3 course:

'I am enjoying the course, the content is very interesting and provides me with useful information I can put into practice.'
Lauren, Adventure Playworker, Caerphilly

'Really enjoying the course, the interactive elements are really good and I feel my confidence as a playworker is growing.'
Sophie Hodges, Adventure Playworker, Caerphilly

'I have learnt a lot about Playwork and developing myself towards being a leader.'
Lewis Parfitt, Tri County outreach worker, Caerphily

'I feel as though the course has given me a lot of confidence and knowledge to bring to my Playwork practice.'
Danielle White, Adventure Playworker, Caerphilly

'I like the interactive side which means the course is isn’t boring and helps me concentrate more and stay on board.'
Tom England, Adventure Playworker, Caerphilly

'The P3 training I have received has been the most comprehensive and valuable training I have received to date. The course combines an excellent mix of activities and learning which is applicable in my playwork sessions.'
Chris Winwood, Inclusive Playworker, Caerphilly

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