For learners - what's the process?

Outlined below is the process for learners attending a P3 course. 

  1. Your employer will contact you about the dates and times of the course.
  2. Course starts. The taught course may be delivered flexibly according to local needs. This means your course may be spaced out over several weeks or months, and each session may be a few hours or up to a whole day. Level 3 courses occur over a longer period and will take several months. Minimum attendance is 80%.
  3. During the course your trainer will set a submission date by which all assessed work must be completed. They will also appoint an assessor for you.
  4. Your assessor will contact you and arrange to observe you in the workplace.
  5. You will be observed in the workplace. This usually takes around one hour.
  6. Hand-in your work as agreed. If your work is referred you have one opportunity to resubmit. Your assessor will give you feedback and guidance.
  7. Assessed work is sent to Play Wales for verification. Successful learners are then entered for certification from the awarding body. Learners receive their certificate directly from the awarding body.