Education, Training and Qualifications

All children and young people are entitled to quality play provision that meets their play needs within their community. Playworkers influence the quality of children's play experience in a broad range of settings and services - from staffed adventure playgrounds to out-of-school childcare.

It is therefore vital that they are well trained, have a good knowledge of theory, and practice so that children's play processes are facilitated rather than compromised.

Play Wales is committed to elevating the status of the playwork profession and ensuring that playworkers in Wales have quality learning experiences as part of their professional development. We are also committed to supporting other sectors in their understanding of play and playwork so that children's play is well facilitated wherever they may play.

We are committed to ensuring that there is a comprehensive qualifications framework for playwork in Wales that covers all levels from basic induction to higher degrees.

We are involved in the development of a Playwork Education and Training Council for Wales and work closely with SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Wellbeing, to improve the access to good quality play provision throughout Wales by setting standards of excellence in education, training and qualifications, and developing opportunities for playworkers for education, training and qualifications.

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