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Living Street’s walking to school report


A new report published by Living Streets states that ‘research by YouGov found that although 81% of parents of children aged 5-11 walked to school themselves, there has been a steady decline over the generations. Despite almost a third of children being overweight or obese, over a quarter of parents (27%) say they automatically drive their child to school rather than walking them there and just over one in five (21%) said they had never even considered making sure their child walks to school.’

Living Streets’ Chief Executive, Tony Armstrong, said:

‘Encouraging the walk to school not only helps to keep children healthy today, but makes for healthier adults in the future. … Where government has supported schools and parents with the walk to school we’ve seen walking rates increase by up to 33%, but this is woefully short of what’s needed. Our message to the government is “must try harder”’.

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