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Are children’s rights a reality in Wales?


Rights Here, Right Now: Are children’s rights a reality in Wales? is a Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group interim perspective on the extent to which law, policy and practice in Wales has progressed since the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child released its UK Concluding Observations 2008 to the UK Government.

Reporting to the UN Committee is currently delayed until 2015; the Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group believes that it is timely to present a strong collective NGO (non-governmental organisations) voice on children's rights issues in the Wales context before we report to the Committee in two years.

Although the report recommendations are aimed at Welsh and UK government, the issues raised are of direct relevance to the services delivered by all Local Authorities in Wales. It aims to help Local Authorities to develop services that meet the needs of delivering children’s rights in their areas.

Written by Play Wales Assistant Director, Marianne Mannello, Chapter 7 of the report focuses on play and includes a policy and legislation progress update, issues of concern and key recommendations for the Welsh Government.

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