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New information sheet: Play deprivation: impact, consequences and the potential of playwork


Play deprivation: impact, consequences and the potential of playwork

Written by Professor Fraser Brown this information sheet provides a definition of play deprivation, explores its impact and the implications for society. Drawing on his own research and experiences the author also explores the consequences of complete deprivation of play and the potential of playwork.

Professor Fraser Brown is the Course Leader of the BA (Hons) Playwork degree, and contributes to the BA (Hons) Childhood Studies degree at Leeds Metropolitan University. He is the author of numerous publications, including Playwork: Theory and Practice, The Venture: A Case Study of an Adventure Playground, Foundations of Playwork and Rethinking Children’s Play. He is the Chair and Co-Founder of the Aid for Romanian Children charitable trust.

The production of this information sheet has been funded by the Welsh Government to support the developments arising from the Play Sufficiency Assessments completed by each local authority in Wales. Section 11 of the Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 places a duty on local authorities to assess and secure sufficient play opportunities for children in their area.

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