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Children's Commissioner's Child Poverty Strategy


The Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler, has launched his first Child Poverty Strategy which outlines the Commissioner’s child centred approach to tackling poverty and the ways that his office will contribute to improving the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in Wales.

Under the Core Aim 4: have access to play, leisure sporting and cultural opportunities section the strategy states that:

  • Children and young people from low income households are restricted in their access to structured play and leisure opportunities because of transport and access costs.
  • Although children and young people may have access to opportunities for community based freely chosen play, children and young people from disadvantaged communities commonly report that they do not feel safe and/or are not welcomed by adults in the community spaces where they would like to play.


In terms of play the Children’s Commissioner for Wales will:

  • Review the outcomes of the implementation of the Play Sufficiency Duty across local authorities in Wales with a particular focus on the attention given to the needs of children and young people from disadvantaged communities and households; this evidence will inform the annual update of the CCfW Child Poverty Strategy.
  • Monitor the information brought to the attention of the office of the Commissioner in relation to any loss of play provision, including provision for disabled children and young people as a result of changes in funding, planning and partnership arrangements and this evidence will inform the annual update of the CCfW Child Poverty Strategy.

Download the Child Poverty Strategy

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