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Spotlight on a Spirit keynote speaker - Mariana Brussoni 


26 October 2017 - Cardiff. 

Spirit is a conference filled with inspiring keynote speeches, lively discussions and practical workshops about children's play.

Popping the bubble wrap for children’s health

Most of us have childhood memories of long hours spent outdoors and away from watchful eyes of adults. The childhood of today looks very different, with more time spent indoors, supervised, in structured activities, and in front of screens.

This interactive presentation will explore the effects of changing childhoods and limited outdoor time for taking risks as part of their play on children's health and development. Participants will consider what can be done to restore balance and tools for talking to parents, educators and others about the importance of risk taking in play.

Mariana is an Associate Professor in the Department of Paediatrics and the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia, Canada. She is an investigator with the British Columbia Children’s Hospital Research Institute and Academic Scientist with the British Columbia Injury Research & Prevention Unit.

Mariana is also a board member of the Child & Nature Alliance of Canada. Trained as a developmental psychologist, Mariana investigates child injury prevention, including developmental importance of children’s risky play. She currently leads research to develop an index of the playability of the built environment; and to develop and evaluate an online tool to reframe parents’ risk perceptions with the goal of facilitating children’s access to nature-based risky play.

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