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Every Child Wales programme


Public Health Wales has launched a new programme, Every Child Wales, to help parents give children the best possible start in life. The programme brings together lots of information and advice to support parents in giving children a happy and healthy start in life.

The programme, which includes ten steps to support parents to ensure their children are a healthy weight, advises that children should play outdoors every day:

‘Children who play outdoors every day are more likely to be a healthy weight. Give your child the chance to play outdoors every day. Active play, especially outdoors, helps your child develop physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps then develop strong bones and muscles, improves their skills and coordination, and makes them feel better about themselves. It can even help them sleep better.’

Dr Julie Bishop, Director of Health Improvement for Public Health Wales said:

‘Every child deserves the best possible start in life. If a child spends their early years healthy and happy, they are more likely to grow into healthy and happy adults ... When children are a healthy weight, they feel better about themselves, and they find it easier to play and learn.’

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