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Play in the media


Here is a summary of the latest play related articles and blogs about children’s play to be published online.

Five obstacles to children's play and how to overcome them

According to a survey conducted by Public Health Wales nearly a third of Welsh children are not having the recommended three hours of active play a day. Listed are five common obstacles to children’s play and how parents can overcome them.

The article is based on Play Wales’ Addressing parental concerns resource.

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The Secret Power of Play

In the extract from a Time’s special edition, The Science of Childhood, free play time is noted as being cut back and these changes are having lasting and negative effects on children. Children’s free play time should be considered as important as structured activities such as work and education.

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‘Play Doesn’t Go On A Resume’ - But Maybe It Should

The leader of the Take Back Childhood movement, Melissa Bernstein, lists three findings from a recent study on parents’ perspectives on child play that she finds most revealing. She concludes that play is not fully appreciated by parents and will continue to raise awareness on the importance of incorporating child led play in children’s lives.

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Short Film Celebrates the Importance of Play for Children

Educational Trust has launched a video of a child engaging in free play outdoors. The video was created to promote the importance of play and its impact on child development to staff, parents and the wider community. The project manager states that the video is ‘about the art of play and the power it has to connect us all, across generations’.

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Can I climb to the top of the tree?

Researcher Dr Mariana Brussoni has launched a new website to help parents overcome their fears about letting children take risks. According to the child development expert, children who have the opportunity to engage in risky play build resilience, self-confidence and develop risk-management skills.

Dr Mariana Brussoni will be presenting at Play Wales’ Spirit conference next month.

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