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Play in the media


Here is a summary of the latest play related articles and blogs to be published online.

The real reason today's children are so unhappy
The Telegraph (Rosa Silverman)

Play Wales’ Chair of the Board of Trustees, Dr Mike Shooter discusses the growing rise of mental health problems in children in the UK. He states that social media could be a factor but there is also a rise in a general feeling of unhappiness from growing up in a competitive society. To combat the unrealistic expectations placed on children in a competitive society, he suggests developing different educational models that include co-operative play in the early years. 

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Breaking Gender Stereotypes in the Toy Box
The New York Times (Perri Klass)

A new study published in the US journal Sex Roles suggests that images shown to children of toys can be used to counter gender stereotypes. It examined the effect of showing images to four and seven-year-olds of children playing with either toys intended for their gender or the opposite gender. The study found that those exposed to images of children playing with toys aimed at the opposite gender were more open to the idea of playing with these toys. 

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How to Design Cities for Children
City Lab (Mimi Kirk)

According to a recent report by the design company Arup, designing cities for children means creating areas that allow children to move around freely and safely. This article looks at the growing need to invest in child friendly cities and examines several good and bad examples of planning with regard to children in cities. This includes bus stops with swings in Singapore and ‘the mosquito’ device which emits a high frequency sound to discourage children from gathering on the streets in the UK.

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    The British Psychological Society (Daniel O’Hare)

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    Science News (Bruce Bower)

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    Huffington Post (Kate Milner)

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    Scary Mummy

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    Child in the City (Julia Zvobgo)

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    El Paso Inc (Dylan Taylor-Lehman)

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