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Play in the media


Here is a summary of the latest play related articles and blogs to be published online.

6 reasons children need to play outside
Harvard Health Publishing (Claire McCarthy MD)

Claire McCarthy, an Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at Harvard Medical School, USA
lists six reasons why it’s crucial that children have the opportunity to play outside. Exercise, sunshine and appreciation of nature are listed along with the development of  skills that help people plan, prioritise and multitask. These skills are important to our development and success as adults and need to be learned and practiced during unstructured play time.

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Analysis: Worrying that some children have not had vital outdoor experiences
Herald Scotland (Marguerite Hunter Blair)

According to Marguerite Hunter Blair, Chief Executive of Play Scotland, it’s worrying that children in Scotland are not experiencing enough of the outdoors. This statement comes in response to a Headteacher in Glasgow noting that many of the pupils in her school had never seen the sea. This ‘poverty of experience’ means that children in Scotland are missing out on the educational and emotional benefits of being outdoors. 

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Cities go wild with child-friendly design
The Thomson Reuters Foundation news (Sophie Davies) 

Cities across the world are growing, with UNICEF predicting that 70 percent of the world’s children will live in urban areas by 2050. This article explores how urban planners are looking for ways to make cities better places for children, including allowing for independent mobility and wild spaces. The article features examples from cities all over the world, from pop up play spaces in Barcelona to bus stations featuring a swing, artwork and children's books in Singapore. 
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  • “The Floor Is Lava” shows how US suburban architecture changed the way American kids play
    Quartz (Katherine Ellen Foley)

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  • Schools should look beyond the classroom, urges school playtime expert
    Education Executive

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  • Dirt is Good: Why the Outdoors is the World's Greatest Playground
    National Geographic

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  • Robots: A Revolution In Child's Play
    Forbes (Amy Blankson)

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  • Safety experts slam school axe of ‘danger’ tree
    Metro (Adam Bennett)

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  • It's obvious: learning outside the classroom works
    Tes (Bernard Trafford)

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  • Cotton wool club: are we right to remove risk from playgrounds?
    The Sydney Morning Herald (Paul Biegler)

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  • 10 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Play Outside
    Buzy Mummy 

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  • Changing perceptions, transforming play
    Child in the City 

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  • Climbing Up The Slide
    Today we will play (Nature play nanny)

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  • Why are kids so bored, impatient, and fragile these days?
    Treehugger (Katherine Martinko)

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