‘Six-year-olds need to play more than they need to spell’ 31-01-2013

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In a recent article in the Guardian Susie Steiner discusses how play is essential for children’s development ‘yet it is pushed out of our educational system’.

Spirit 2013 workshops28-01-2013

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Spirit of Play conference 2013  Over two days at Spirit you will have the chance to participate in four workshop sessions - which means six hours of presentations from professionals working or researching in the field of play.

England: Children’s rights assessment 22-01-2013

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An assessment of how well the Government is protecting children’s rights in England published by the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE) ‘reveals a catalogue of violations’.

Too dangerous for children to play in the snow?22-01-2013

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New research by Chessington World of Adventure Resort has found that 29 per cent of parents say that it is too dangerous for children to play outside in the snow because they may slip on ice or be bruised by a tightly packed snowball.

Tanya Byron: ‘Most children spend their childhoods being raised in captivity’21-01-2013

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Child psychologist and author Professor Tanya Byron has said: ‘We live in a risk-averse culture, the levels of paranoia about health and safety and wellbeing are insane.

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