What we do

Play Wales works strategically with decision makers - Ministers, Government officials, local authority managers - to influence and inform decisions that will have an impact on children and young people's play.  We collaborate with other organisations to meet our objectives. 

We promote inclusive play provision where all children and young people can play in the way that they need to.  We also promote the concept of public space being playable space - children are fellow members of our communities and their play needs can and should be met in all public places - from pavements to parks.

We work with regional play associations, and regional and local play officers within the public and the voluntary sector to support the delivery of play provision that meets the range of children and young people's play needs.

We support development of the playwork workforce in Wales - playworkers support children by making opportunities that offer freedom to play and by advocating for children and young people’s play at a very local level.

We provide an information service free of charge to anyone living or working in Wales who has an interest in children's play, and we work with the media to raise awareness of children and young people's play needs among the general public.

We provide seminars, conferences, networking and training opportunities and much more.


More information about Play Wales' achievements

Play in Wales timeline - the development of Play Wales and play policy in Wales from 1996 to the present day