Planning for Play

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An effective Framework Partnership response to the national play policy and strategy context will need strong links between those responsible for strategic direction of Children's and Young People's Services and those involved in the development and implementation of play strategies.

Play Wales supports the development of Play Strategy Groups to inform the strategic direction of planning and providing play.

These are some of the features that are crucial to effective terms of reference for such a group:

  • Clear roles and function of the group and its members, particularly with regard to sharing information.
  • The responsibility to act in an advisory capacity to the Children and Young People's Framework Partnership where play impacts on other agendas and to develop a coordinating role ensuring that plans, initiatives and strategies complement each other in respect to play.
  • The provision of regular reports to the Children and Young People's Framework Partnership, and the awareness of overlap with other strategies.
  • Adequate channels of communication established and maintained for the dissemination and exchange of information concerning play.

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