Play Deprivation

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Play Deprivation is the name given to the idea that not playing may deprive children of experiences that are essential to their development and result in those affected being both biologically and socially disabled. 

The Welsh Governments Play Policy Implementation Plan (2006) makes a commitment to commission research on the psychological benefits of freely chosen play. 

Professor Fraser Brown has produced an information sheet for Play Wales (2013) that provides a definition of play deprivation, explores its impact and the implications for society. Drawing on his own research and experiences the author also explores the consequences of complete deprivation of play and the potential of playwork.

Download Play deprivation: impact, consequences and the potential of playwork information sheet | view online

Bob Hughes, a writer and researcher on children's play also explores the concept in an information sheet produced for Play Wales in 2003.

Download the Play Deprivation information sheet | view online

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