Play Wales produces publications that raise awareness about children and young people's play and good practice guidelines in providing for it. We publish books, a magazine and information sheets on a wide range of topics.

We provide an enhanced publications service for members including previews of Play Wales information sheets, magazine articles and other publications; as well as access to our responses to consultations. 

The Play Wales Library is based in our office in Cardiff Bay. We also have a smaller collection of reference books and resources in the Glynd┼Ár University library in Wrexham. We believe it is the most comprehensive collection of books on children's play and play provision in Wales.

Current publications 

Developing and managing play spaces - community toolkit

Focus on play

Good practice guide for play and early years: Developing and managing Gypsy and Traveller sites

Play for Wales magazine

Resources for playing – providing loose parts to support children’s play

The First Claim - desirable processes

The First Claim ... a framework for playwork quality assessment

The Venture: A Case Study of an Adventure Playground

Top tips

Use of school grounds for playing out of teaching hours

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