Reflective practice for playwork practitioners

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Workshop: Reflective practice for playwork practitioners 

Length of workshop: two half days

Number of participants: 6 to 15

Price for Play Wales members: £450 per workshop
Price for non members: £550 per workshop

Reflective practice is a form of critical thinking that considers our experiences and beliefs. When we are reflective we become more self-aware about the nature and impact of our role. This awareness creates opportunities for personal and professional development.

This workshop will develop knowledge and understanding of approaches and models that support reflective practice for staff working in playwork settings. It will support learners to look critically at how they provide for children’s play and how to use their reflections to adapt and improve practice. Learners will have the opportunity to think about their personal style of reflection and how to record their thoughts to return to in future to review their practice. 

Learning outcomes

  • To understand different approaches to reflective practice
  • To identify ways of embedding regular reflection into practice using techniques that meet the needs of the individuals and the context they are working in
  • To explore the relationship between reflective practice and: quality assurance, self-evaluation, external monitoring and professional frameworks.


Who is it for?

  • Playworkers
  • Playwork managers


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Please note the workshop price does not include venue hire or refreshments

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