Regional Play Associations in Wales

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These play associations cover areas of Wales. 

Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan


Re-Create has operated for over 20 years and works to support opportunities for play and creativity, whilst keeping an awareness of environmental issues. Re-Create operates the Play Resource Centre serving communities across Cardiff and the Vale. The work of the organisation involves the facilitation of a play sector network and events and to continue to support the sector to engage with the strategic planning process.

Re-create website

Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire

Carmarthenshire/Pembrokeshire Play Partnership

The partnership aims to facilitate local and regional networks across Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire in order to develop a mechanism of support for play organisations across the region. The partnership is aiming to establish the association in order to facilitate support structures and promote play across the region. The partnership co-ordinates a regional play project, Purple Routes.

Purple Routes website


RAY Ceredigion

RAY Ceredigion delivers a mobile open access play service across the county in rural communities as well as weekly play sessions in primary schools. RAY Ceredigion delivers play training sessions to a wide range of trainees including lunch time supervisors, parents and young volunteers. The project is working with eighteen communities to add natural play features to their existing play areas and works closely with housing associations and town and community councils.

In 2012 RAY Ceredigion made an inspiring DVD about its activities and in 2013 launched scrapstore and arts and crafts workshops based on recycled materials and will be delivering Beach School sessions during the summer holidays with a team of qualified Beach School leaders.

RAY Ceredigion website


Three play associations operate within different areas of Powys:  

Play Montgomeryshire (north Powys): a network of individuals and organisations operating play and leisure activities for children and young people, with a range of abilities and needs, from birth to 19 years. The play association also supports other organisations that work with children and young people. 

Play Montomeryshire website 

Play Radnor (mid Powys): a voluntary organisation that develops play opportunities for children and young people in Radnorshire.  The play association also aims to develop partnership working will providers of children’s services throughout the county. 

Play Radnor website 

Brecknock Play Network (south Powys): a voluntary organisation assisting local communities develop play opportunities for the benefit of children, carers and young families. The play network supports the delivery of inclusive playschemes, community play events and play sessions, stay and play sessions, rural play days and children's consultations.

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Mailing List