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Why playwork?

We have produced an information sheet - Why playwork? - which aims to provide an insight into playwork workforce development in Wales. It sets out why play is important and how staffed play provision supports children in local communities to access their right to play in their own neighbourhood.

The information sheet identifies policy issues and current support mechanisms regarding workforce development. It describes the roles and responsibilities of playworkers practicing at different levels.

Download Why playwork?

Playwork booklet and flier

Play Wales has produced a recruitment resource for employers. The A career as a playworker? booklet explaining playwork, and playwork training and qualifications, is now available to download.

Also available to download is a flier that can be adapted by employers to include their own message or contact information.

Download A career as a playworker? booklet 
Download A career as a playworker? flier

The booklet and flier have been piloted with playworker employers across Wales. Here are some reactions:

'Double thumbs up!'
'Brilliant - playwork awareness raising!'
'Spot on!'
'We've been wanting something like this.'

Jargon buster

The language used by any profession (jargon) can sometimes be unfamiliar and confusing to people who are new to it or who don't use it regularly. Our jargon buster provides explanations of playwork education and training terms.

Download Jargon buster 


Our glossary provides explanations of specialist playwork terms. 

Download Glossary of playwork terms 

Essential Skills

Supporting playwork staff in Wales to improve their literacy and numeracy

SkillsActive, in partnership with Essential Skills Cymru and Play Wales, has produced the Supporting playwork staff in Wales to improve their literacy and numeracy toolkit, which is funded through the Welsh Government's Essential Skills Employer Pledge Grants Programme.

The toolkit is aimed at employers in the playwork sector, to encourage them to think about how they can support their staff to develop their basic skills within the workplace.

Download toolkit

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CPD Strategy

Potential in Playwork (2009) is a continuing professional development strategy for the play sector in Wales produced by the National Centre for Playwork Education and Training, Playwork Wales on behalf of playworkers in Wales.

Download Potential in Playwork

For employers

The Care Council for Wales has published two useful booklets for employers. They are useful to everyone who work with children.

Recruiting Well: A guide to safe recruitment
This booklet provides general information and guidance to inform the recruitment and selection process and more detailed information about key features of a strong recruitment and selection process.

Download Recruiting Well

Inducting Well: A guide to effective induction
This booklet provides general information and guidance to inform the induction process and outlines areas of knowledge that are essential for early years workers to know, understand and be able to apply consistently to their work with children.

Download Inducting Well

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