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Here is a selection of what supporters are saying about the Support Play Wales campaign and online petition

Play Wales has been at the forefront of playwork and play development throughout my entire career in play. Losing Play Wales would be a devastating loss to our sector. Please reconsider.’
Claire Sands

‘Wales is leading the world in terms of legislating for children's play and the Welsh Government should be commended for this bold and innovative commitment but it is very unlikely that any of this would have happen without the tireless efforts of Play Wales. The relationship between Welsh Government and Play Wales up to now is something that should be celebrated which makes the situation all the more bizarre. How can the Welsh Government introduce a statutory duty to secure sufficient play opportunities for children but at the same time fail to fund the national organisation that has been so essential in supporting local authorities to meet these requirements. We need Play Wales to keep driving this agenda forward and the Welsh Government must find a way to make this possible.’
Mike Barclay

‘Wales was the first country in the World to have a national Play Policy. Effectively the first to completely embrace the child as citizens as related to their needs as members of that society. Since members of IPA Brazil visited Cardiff and listened to a speech by the First Minister, we have successfully lobbied both state and federal governments to include play in children´s rights legislation. If a country of 200 million people are influenced by an example like Wales why would you be withdrawing that funding.’
SPICE Brincar em Ingles, Sao Paulo, Brazil

'It is counterproductive to withdraw government support for the work of Play Wales at the very time local authorities are being required to secure sufficient play opportunities for children. Play Wales have been providing a crucial service that needs to continue if Wales is going to show the rest of the world how children's right to play should be supported by adults.'
Wendy Russell

'Play Wales has educated and supported me as a parent, a volunteer Play worker and as a professional Youth & Playwork practioner enabling me to understand play policy and provide valuable and essential play opportunities at local level in my community and advocate for Play and develop individuals understanding. I could not and cannot do this without Play Wales updates and information and training.'
Jane Hawkshaw

'Wales has been praised for its attitude, support and legislation that promotes the importance of play. This important work can only continue through a strong network that is supported by Play Wales. Don't let all the hard work of the play sufficiency go to waste and please reconsider.'
Gareth Venn

'Play Wales is the foremost organisation of its type in the world. It has enhanced the reputation of the Welsh National Assembly over many years. Children need a voice, and Play Wales provides this.’
Professor Fraser Brown

'I think Play Wales is an important organisation as I am a young person living in Wales and think it is important to have an organisation that makes sure adults understand play.'
Caitlin Rowley

‘Play Wales is one of the most important organisations in Wales. Helping and promoting healthy play that is vital to the development of our young people. In 2012, Play Wales helped us with our campaign to ban smoking in playgrounds, highlighting the importance of a smokefree environment for young people. With their help, all 22 councils now have smokefree playgrounds. Don't let all of their hard work go to waste when there is still lots more to be done for our children.’
ASH Wales

‘Play Wales has made a hugely significant contribution to ensuring play for children in Wales is recognised as a valuable part of their healthy mental and physical growth.’
Linda Clifton, Cardiff, Wales

‘Play Wales is a beacon of all that is important, innovative and relevant in terms of play and playwork in the UK. That must not be allowed to disappear!’
Andy Grout, Milton Keynes, England

'Play Wales is internationally an important advocate for play. Wales National Play Policy is a best practice example when it comes to UNCRC article 31.'
Eva Kane, Stockholm, Sweden

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