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Digital technology has become an important part of the culture of many children and young people in the UK - and many children have access to it every day if they want to play that way.

‘Digital technology’ it is used as a broad term to refer to smart phones, tablets, computer games consoles, social media and television.

Play Wales promotes the concept that playing children are competent and capable to make their own decisions and that they benefit from supportive adults who can contribute to an environment that extends their play.

While the technological environment may be changing, our message hasn’t; we believe that children should be afforded time, space and permission to freely choose their own play. Sometimes they choose to play on or with smartphones or other devices. What is needed is balance.

Digital technology needs to be part of a wide range of choices of play experiences and opportunities. It might be seen as one element of a 'balanced diet' of play with equal importance being put on active, physical play, playing with the elements, and all the other types and behaviours of play that all children need in their every day lives.

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