Workforce Development Research

To enable workforce development to take place, it is crucial that there is a good understanding of those working in play across Wales.

In May 2008, Melyn Consulting Ltd. was commissioned to undertake research into the play workforce in Wales, which took place over the period June to October 2008.

The overall aim of this research was to gather labour market information that will help the development of workforce strategy at a national and local level and drive up skills in the profession.

This was the first time that an attempt has been made at a systematic examination of those working in play in Wales. In undertaking the research, Melyn Consulting Ltd. aimed to meet the following objectives:

  • Conduct in depth research to support workforce development
  • Investigate the skills and knowledge shortages and gaps and make recommendations on ways to overcome these.
  • Determine the supply and demand for training provision by level and type in Wales
  • Determine the awareness of opportunities for people to become involved in training
  • Provide evidence that will encourage playwork employers to invest more in training.

The research findings are complied in the Where are you? The 2008 Play Wales Workforce Survey report

Download Where are you?

Review of the Capacity and Delivery of Play Training in Wales

In 2010 the Welsh Government commissioned Melyn Consulting Ltd. to to undertake a review of playwork training in Wales in order to assess the development of playwork training; to enhance the delivery of play opportunities in Wales; and consider the best model of provision currently available.

In meeting the aim a number of objectives were met including:

  • consultation with play practitioners and play organisations to develop an understanding of the current provision of playwork training and the benefits of playwork for children and young people;
  • the presentation of a summary of playworker‟s training and qualification needs;
  • presentation of a summary qualification framework for playwork training in Wales;
  • An assessment of variances in current playwork qualifications and the playwork profession;
  • Examination of the role that the National Centre for Playworkers Training plays in the development and delivery of playwork qualifications and training, involving a summary of consultation with playworkers and practitioners on this issue.

Download Review of the Capacity and Delivery of Play Training in Wales

Supporting Quality Childcare in Wales 

In 2009 the Welsh Government commissioned Melyn Consulting Ltd. to undertake a review of the regulations and the National Minimum Standards (NMS) for Daycare and Childminding. 

Download Supporting Quality Childcare in Wales