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On 30 September 2013 the International Play Association (IPA) launched a worldwide campaign to build awareness and understanding of the importance of play in the life of all children. It aims to break down the increasing barriers in children’s living conditions that have a negative impact on children’s space and time for play.

The catalyst for this campaign is the adoption of the General Comment 17 on Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

To support the campaign IPA has produced a new and vibrant short film - view the film

Children and young people resources

To support the campaign Play Wales was asked by IPA to produce child friendly resources to promote Article 31 that will help children (and adults) understand the key messages of the General Comment. 

As part of the resources cartoonist Les Evans produced a universal symbol to promote the right to play. The resources also include a postcard, an A3 poster and an A4 poster with the key messages. All of the resources are available to download and share: 

Download logo (colour)

Download logo (black and white)

Download A3 poster 

Download A4 poster

Download postcard 

If you require high-resoultion versions of these resources for printing please contact us

To further support the campaign IPA has also produced a new and vibrant short film that is now available - view the film

Developing the resources

We engaged with groups of children and young people to develop resources to describe the scope of Article 31.

When undertaking this work we referred to the National Children and Young People’s Participation Standards for Wales. The seven standards aim to improve the process of children and young people’s participation in decision-making. They promote the participation of children and young people in making decisions, planning and reviewing any action that will affect them.

To produce the children and young people’s resources Play Wales worked with the following groups:

Artworks – Valleys Kids youth arts project
The group was made up of representatives from the Penygraig Youth Theatre who meet regularly to devise and create their own plays. There were also representatives from the Flight Wings 16+ programme, which is for young people who volunteer in community projects and also have their own creative groups. A number of the young people had recently been on an exchange to Poland and become really interested in cultural exchange.

Bishopston Playscheme
Bishopston Play Association is a small local charity; it provides a summer playscheme in school summer holidays for children aged five to 13, (under fives attend with parents/carers). Each year about 350 children come and play. The playscheme takes over the local primary school grounds and creates a range of play opportunities including den building; hammock making; fire making and cooking; art and craft activities; giant maze play.

Caerphilly Youth Forum
Caerphilly Youth Forum is about young people having a say on issues that affect them and to become actively involved in local decision making. The forum is made up of young people aged 11-25 from all areas of the Caerphilly borough, who are elected to represent youth clubs, schools, and youth projects. They can attend to represent themselves. The young people raise issues to address each year and work with Caerphilly County Borough Council elected members and officers to improve outcomes for the young people of the borough.

Ceredigion Heritage Youth Panel
The Ceredigion Heritage Youth Panel is a group of young people from Ceredigion between the ages of 14 and 25 who have an interest in history and heritage. The group was created as part of the Ceredigion Museum’s youth led ‘Out on the Town’ project. It provides an opportunity for young people across Ceredigion to find out about the way the young people of the past enjoyed themselves in the county and share how they have fun today.

Mencap Cymru Young Ambassador Play Our Way Project
The’ Play Our Way’ project supports young people with a learning disability to create sustainable opportunities for independent leisure and socialising. It has supported young people from 10 local authority areas across Wales to make new friends, try new things and to challenge the barriers to inclusive leisure. The project challenges the perceptions and fears of the young people and of their parents, instructors and leisure providers allowing ambassadors to accomplish things they hadn’t thought possible.

UNA Exchange International volunteers
UNA Exchange is a registered charity based in Cardiff that creates international volunteering opportunities that bring people from different cultures together. The projects are designed with local organisations in Wales. In 2013, international volunteers from France, Germany, Japan and Turkey worked alongside Blaenllechau Youth Project staff and volunteers to deliver a 2-week playscheme for local children aged 5-14. The project has been running for over 10 years and the volunteers contribute international games and activities to the project as well as a multicultural perspective.



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