Conwy – Embedding children’s rights

Conwy’s Play Development Team and Play Wales have worked together with Conwy Social Services’ Looked after Children Team on an innovative approach to safeguarding looked after children’s right to play.

The work began when a play and playwork training session delivered to foster carers highlighted the carers’ concerns that looked after children’s right to play was being threatened because of the additional barriers they face to playing out. These barriers included the risk averse nature of care for looked after children, often resulting in limited play opportunities.

To tackle these barriers to children’s right to play we worked with senior and team managers in social services to develop risk management guidance that makes a coherent argument for children to play and experience challenge and uncertainty in their play. The Looked After Children’s Team also adopted its own specialised play policy in line with the county’s over-arching play policy.

Social workers and foster carers have received training to increase their knowledge and understanding of:

  • children’s rights
  • the new play policy and risk management in play guidance.

This work will result in:

  • A reduction in the barriers facing looked after children’s opportunities to play
  • A greater understanding and commitment to the right to play in the Looked After Children team and their foster carers.

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