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We has asked our members what they value from being a Play Wales member. Here is a selection of the comments we received:

‘We have definitely benefitted from using the reference library and the wonderful resources you have to view there. Also, I have contacted Play Wales for a number of different reasons, asking for advice and support on playwork and the response has been valuable. Play Wales are a great advocate for play!’ 
Freelance Playwork Consultant

‘The main thing I get out of Play Wales membership is support, there is always someone at the end of the phone if I want to sound things out. Their materials, briefing sheets and magazines have proved extremely useful in advocating for play to other professionals and parents.’
Local authority Play Officer

‘We find that being a member of a National Organisation representing children’s play a valuable asset … Being a member means that we hear what is happening on a national level and gain new skills from the expertise around the table. We find that continued information on legislation and updates invaluable. Newsletters, bulletins, publications and research are also a valuable asset for us being such a small team we know we can call on staff to assist with anything play related. You do a brilliant job in lobbying, campaigning for children’s right to play.’
Local play project Development Support Officer

‘There are few organisations you can be a member of knowing they have the child’s rights to play at the very core. This comes out in all of Play Wales’ literature and events, so giving you the larger picture of what is not only needed in Wales but what has been achieved over its lifetime. Being a member has helped me in my own professional work, learning from the breadth of information given out by Play Wales through its magazine, information sheets and events.’
Freelance play consultant

Play Wales is important to the development of play in Wales both as a lobbying group at strategic level and through reports and information provided that helps ensure a quality play workforce in Wales.’
Play Officer

'From events to conferences, support for training and the development of P3, Play Wales and their friendly knowledgeable staff have been a great resource and support for my role as Play Development Officer in RCT.'

'Shared vision and support from a national play organisation, joint events and meetings and access to updated information and training. The staff are available for support not only at a national level but also locally for play and development staff.'

'To consider how to affect policy in the interests of play and the health and well being of children in outdoor spaces. To allow the priorities of Play Wales to shape my own professional thinking and practice.'

'Primarily knowing that we are supporting the national organisation for children's play and benefiting from the work they do as a result.'

'It allows me to keep up with all of the latest play news and legislation.'

'Play Wales has been pivotal in ensuring that play is on the national agenda, evidence of which is contained within Wales's Play Policy Implementation Plan and perhaps more importantly [play] is specifically mentioned within child poverty documentation as being of a direct benefit to children and young people who live in poverty.'

'I value the e-bulletins highlighting whats new on the Play Wales website also reduced conference and publication rates and above all sharing mutual support, best practice and information which in return is our way of supporting childrens right to play both locally and nationally.'

'Sharing best practice and Information, being part of a national organisation supporting children's right to play.'

'To keep abreast of issues that affect children's play, not just in Wales, but across the UK and internationally.'

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