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Play in the media


Here is a summary of the latest play related articles and blogs to be published online.

How play can be most beneficial to your child
The Guardian Nigeria (Ijeoma Thomas-Odia)

In this article, the author outlines the Founder of Play and Learning’s definition of play – ‘…being beneficial to the child, parents and educators.’ The article goes on to discuss the benefits of play including the development of language skills, social and emotional skills and brain development.

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Managing kids’ screen time at home
ABC Life (Maggie Dent)

This article states that, to manage kids’ screen time parents need to manage their own screen time: ‘While it makes complete common sense that we need to steer our children to make good decisions when using technology, many of us struggle to keep up ourselves.’ The article goes on to discuss the positive effects of reducing screen time for parents and children.

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Why won’t my kid stop pretending to be a lion?
The New York Times (Jessica Grose)

In this question and answer article, Jessica Grose discusses imaginary play. The author interviewed two psychologists, one of whom has undertaken research on play. The answers show why children enjoy pretending to be animals and how to manage boundaries.

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Rickets case rise as children play indoors
The Times (Emma Yeomans)

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Traveling with kids? Boy, do we have some tips for you
The New York Times

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Associate feature: The benefits of embracing outdoor play are vast

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How to keep kids active during summer break
Spectrum news (Lena Blietz)

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The best free parks and playgrounds in North Wales
Daily Post (Zara Whelan)

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