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State of Play 2019


Play Wales has undertaken an analysis of the Play Sufficiency Assessments (PSAs) and Play Action Plans submitted to Welsh Government in March 2019. The review was undertaken between August and October 2019. It provides an overview of:

  • how play opportunities are being secured for children in Wales
  • the progress which has been made in securing play opportunities since the previous PSAs
  • the ambition and appropriateness of the Play Action Plans in securing play sufficiency with regard to the local authority PSAs
  • the achievements and challenges under the required processes and each matter to be considered required in the PSAs.

The review also includes specific information about play opportunities for disabled children with particular regard to accessibility to outdoor play spaces, such as play areas and playgrounds.

The review will be used to inform:

  • The Ministerial Play Review which commenced in autumn 2019
  • The Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services of the progress in implementing the play legislation and the affect this has had, or contributed towards, in ensuring that all children have sufficient opportunities to play
  • Local authorities of the pan-Wales situation regarding play sufficiency.

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