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Video launched to fight the erosion of school playtime


A new video produced by the British Psychological Society (BPS) called ‘Right to play’ features primary school children talking about why play is important to them. The poet, Michael Rosen narrates BPS’ new video to make the case for stopping the erosion of school playtime.

In 2019, the BPS’ Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) published a position paper which says child-led play is critical to children’s development and well-being. The paper states that schools should not take away play time from children as a punishment for misbehaviour or for completing unfinished work.

With the help of Michael Rosen’s narration, the video sees children making the case for play intercut with insights from psychology research.

Michael Rosen says:

Play is not an extra. It isn’t an add on. Play is a fundamental human right’.

Play Wales says:

‘Play Wales is proud to have contributed to the British Psychology Society’s Division Educational and Child Psychology Right to Play Position Paper. We are delighted with the Society’s “Right to Play” video in which children, ably supported by poet Michael Rosen, remind us that play is a right and not a privilege. They beautifully tell us why playing is so important and why it needs to be included as part of the school day.

School playtime is vital to children for their fun and relaxation as well as for their happiness, health and well-being, as highlighted in Estyn’s recent Healthy and Happy report.

Play Wales has been working with colleagues to develop guidance for schools so that all children can enjoy sufficient playtimes as part of their school day. We will be publishing our play-friendly school guidance soon.’

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