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Right to play and leisure – update on Wales’ progress


Wales’ UNCRC Monitoring Group’s newly published Play & Leisure Thematic Briefing Paper provides an interim perspective of the extent to which law, policy and practice in Wales has progressed since the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child issued its Concluding Observations to the UK and devolved governments in 2016.

In advance of the next reporting round, the Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group identified a number of thematic areas and considered the extent to which law, policy and practice in Wales has progressed since 2016 in line with the UNs recommendations.  

This paper provides an update on the extent various recommendations have been addressed since 2016, including:

  • Resourcing the right to play
  • Smoke free playgrounds
  • Consulting with children.

The Group also recommends that:

  1. Welsh Government provides a more consistent funding stream to support local authorities to enact the Play Sufficiency Duty
  2. Welsh Government establishes a Play Sufficiency Monitoring Group that includes key government departments, Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), Play Wales and other national organisations to monitor the progress made at a local and national level
  3. Welsh Government encourages local authorities, where resources allow, to consider funding a permanent senior level Play Sufficiency post whose role is to work strategically on assessing and implementing Play Sufficiency locally
  4. Welsh Government continues the work being done, as part of the Ministerial Review, to undertake and report on a mapping process to show the current and potential relationships between the Play Sufficiency Duty and other key legislation, policies and initiatives
  5. Welsh Government ensures that those tasked with completing Child Rights Impact Assessments (CRIA) are aware of and understand the aims of the Play Sufficiency Duty, so that it is taken into consideration in legislation aimed at children and young people and also in broader well-being, environmental and planning policies and initiatives.

This paper was drafted prior to the onset of coronavirus in the UK. It has been updated to reflect the early impact that the response to pandemic has had on Welsh Government play policy and initiatives.

Play Wales is a member of the Wales UNCRC Monitoring Group and led the development of the paper, with the support of the Group.

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