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Survey results show children are being more active


Early results from the ‘HAPPEN at home’ survey show that children are currently being more active and feel safer in their local areas. The Health & Attainment of Pupils in a Primary Education Network (HAPPEN) is gathering information from children about their experiences relating to the coronavirus pandemic.

Based on the early results from the survey, HAPPEN reports that children are having a positive experience in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. This may be because they have more free time to play and be active with their families.

HAPPEN also suggests children are feeling safer playing in their area because there is less traffic on the roads and fewer groups congregating.

However, HAPPEN also states that children are reporting some negative impacts. Screen time has increased, with 54 percent of children reporting they are watching screens for more than two hours a day compared to 36 percent before.

More information

The HAPPEN at home survey is still open. Children between the ages of 8 and 11 are asked to share their experiences by taking part in an online survey.