Playday 2009

Play Wales suggested to the Playday UK Steering Group that this years theme should be about time for playing. We are pleased to report that the other members of the group and the Playday organisers who were consulted also thought that time for play gave lots of scope for a memorable campaign.

At the same time we will be calling for parents, people who work with children, policy makers, planners, teachers, and more - to give time and thought to children's play.

Playday 2009 will be held on Wednesday 5 August with events taking place all around the country throughout the summer. Last summer saw more registered Playday events around Wales than ever before (25) and we are sure there were others that werent publicised.

While it is our job to make sure that children have access and time for quality play opportunities every day, joining up to celebrate and campaign together on one day of the year raises the profile of play both within communities and with decision makers.

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As part of the 2009 Playday theme Make time! we produced a selection of resources to support your campaign and events.

Make time - raising our profile
Guidance on how to raise the profile of play all year round

Why make time for play? Support for play providers to advocate for staffed play provision
Topics include making the case for play provision; play; and the benefits of play to children - surviving and thriving.

Writing a press release - the basics
Basic rules to consider when writing a press release

Time for play - campaigning
If your play service may be under threat, here are guidelines on how to proceed.

Play Services and Sustainability
Sustainability is a word often used by decision makers and funders. This briefing explores what it means for play services.

Make time for play - time and money tips for Mums and Dads
Tips on how to provide time for children to play 


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