Playday 2015

Playday 2015 took place on Wednesday 5 August. 

Playday 2015 media release 

Children need to ‘play more…’ for better physical and mental health and wellbeing

Today thousands of children and young people across the United Kingdom will come together at local and regional play events to celebrate Playday – the national day for play.

Now in its 28th year, Playday provides an ideal opportunity for communities to come together to celebrate, to play together and to have fun. It also provides a platform for play advocates to promote the benefits and positive impact that playing has on children’s mental and physical health, wellbeing and development.

Dr Mike Shooter, former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Chair of Play Wales said:

‘Play is essential to our cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. As a doctor and psychiatrist, I have dealt at first hand with the disastrous consequences that may result from a lack of opportunity to play and adults' inability to let it happen. Young people become fearful of the world in every way and will grow up into parents who will block their own children’s development in turn.

‘Watching TV and working the computer are important, and so is organised recreation like sport. But they are not nearly so important for development as free-for-all, rough-and-tumble play. And research is proving it. So turn everything off and get out there to celebrate Playday. And remember, while you're having fun, that this is the very best thing you can do!’

The Playday 2015 ‘Play more…’ theme aims to:

  • Encourage children to play more at home, in the street, at school and in the community 
  • Support parents to allow their children to ‘Play more…’
  • Foster communities to come together to celebrate children’s right to play.


Playday 2015 recognises that playing is the way children experience the world. Playing helps children learn about the environment and form important relationships with friends, parents and their families. Playing allows children to find out about themselves and test their capabilities. Through playing children take on physical and social challenges that build resilience and confidence.

Across Wales Playday events will be taking place, ranging from small community based play sessions through to larger play events organised in local parks and communities by Councils and voluntary organisations. 

Giving his support to Playday 2015, Dr Michael McBride, Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland said:

‘Play is a vital component of a child’s physical and mental development. Going out for a family walk in the park, playing sports or kicking a football around, even just trying to reduce the amount of time your child spends sitting down watching TV or playing computer games will make a positive impact on their physical and mental health.’ 

Dr McBride continued,

‘Positive mental wellbeing helps a person to maintain good physical health, develop their potential, work productively, build strong relationships, develop a sense of self-worth, and contribute to their community. It is fundamental to our quality of life and vital that we encourage and enable play and physical activity from an early age’. 

Information sheet

To celebrate Playday 2015 we are publishing our latest information sheet - Play: mental health and wellbeing.

This information sheet briefly explains the importance of playing for brain development and mental health as well as exploring how playing contributes to children’s emotional wellbeing and how it relates to the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’.

View online | download Play: mental health and wellbeing

Playday 2015 theme

We're pleased to announce the Playday 2015 campaign theme is Play more…

The Playday Play more… campaign is calling on everyone to help make sure that children and young people across the UK have the time, freedom and space to play more.  As well promoting children's right to play, the campaign is highlighting that playing more is crucial for children's health, well-being and happiness.

Get involved!

The Playday 2015: Play more... campaign is calling on everyone to help make sure that the places where children live and hang out are great places to play.

Supporting Playday and children’s right to play is as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Hold an event and tell us how you’re celebrating – Visit the Playday website for guidance to get you started. Then 
tell us about your Playday plans by registering your event on the Playday website. If your event is open to the public and you would like to increase participation, you will have the option to publish it in the online events directory when you register
  2. Get involved in an event near you – If you would like to offer your time, skills or services to an event near you, contact us and we will put you in touch with organisers in your area.
  3. Spread the Playday word ­– Post it, Tweet it, Blog it! Use the #Playday2015 hashtag so we can link up across social media.


However you decide to get involved, there's lots of advice and guidance available on the Playday website to get you started – from promotional posters and postcards, to practical tips from Playday event organisers. 

So, whether you've got kids, you work with kids, or you're a big kid yourself, Playday needs you!

For more information visit the Playday website

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