Playday 2020

Wednesday 5 August 2020

Join us to Make a Big Noise for Playday

Happy Playday!

Today, across Wales and the rest of the UK, thousands of children and families are Making a Big Noise for Playday, the national day for play.

We are calling on you all – children, families, everyone who works with children – to join us to celebrate children’s right to play, from your doorsteps. Clap, cheer, bang pots and pans, and generally Make a Big Noise for Playday at 2:00pm today.

Recognising the importance of children’s play and supporting children to play, on Playday and every day, is more important than ever.

Watch a message from Play Wales 

We also have resources to support you to get involved with the celebrations.

Playday is an annual celebration of children's right to play. It is an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of children's play and the need for quality opportunities for playing every day of the year.

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Mike Greenaway, Director of Play Wales said:

‘This year’s Playday may be different to the previous 32 years – but children and teenagers still want and need the chance and freedom to play. Playing is crucial for a happy and healthy childhood. In times of stress and uncertainty, playing has a positive impact on children’s physical and emotional health, well-being, development, and most importantly their happiness.

As a society, in this time of crisis, we need more than ever, to recognise and value that every child has a right to play – on Playday and every day of the year. Join us today to Make a Big Noise for Playday – the more voices that call together with us to uphold children’s right to play, the louder and stronger our message will be.’ 


Make a Big Noise for Playday

Big Playday events aren’t being held this year. So, we need your help to celebrate Playday in your community.

We are calling on families, childcare and play settings, and communities across Wales and the rest of the UK to join the celebration of children’s right to play, from your doorsteps. Join us to clap, cheer, bang pots and pans, and generally Make a Big Noise for Playday at 2:00pm on Wednesday 5 August.


To help families and settings get involved with this year’s UK wide celebration, Playday resources can be downloaded and printed for easy sharing.

Download a postcard to share with neighbours to help spread the word so everyone can get involved in Make a Big Noise for Playday.

Download a Playday poster to colour in and display in windows, to show support for every child’s right to play.

Here is Wales, we have also developed a bilingual Article 31 colouring in sheet and a letter to the children of Wales about Playday and their right to play.

Download Article 31 colouring in sheet

Download letter to children

If you work with children and families, please share these resources with your networks and the children in your setting. Or if your setting is putting together play packs for distributing to children in your area over the summer, this would be a simple way to get the community celebrating children’s right to play.

Playday theme

The theme for this year’s Playday is ... Everyday Freedoms Everyday Adventures.

The Playday 2020 theme aims to highlight the importance of giving children and teenagers the freedom to play and have everyday adventures. As well as celebrating children’s right to play, the Playday 2020 campaign recognises the impact of government restrictions and physical distancing on children’s mental health and opportunities to play freely with friends and in their community.

This year, we want to focus on the unique characteristics of play that we know help children make sense of the world around them and can alleviate their stress and anxiety, particularly during challenging and uncertain times.

  • Playing is fun and is central to children’s happiness
  • Playing helps children’s physical, mental and emotional health and well-being
  • Playing boosts children’s resilience, enabling them to cope with stress, anxiety and challenges
  • Playing supports children to develop confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Playing contributes to children’s learning and development.

As in previous years we are calling on families and carers to support children to play in carefree ways, on Playday and every day! Children will play wherever they are and whenever they can – as adults we can support this by making play a part of our daily life.

Playday is an annual day to recognise children’s right to play. Although it will be very different to previous Playdays, it’s important that we go ahead with this year’s celebration,  as recognising the importance of children’s play is more important than ever.

Due to current government guidance about social gatherings and physical distancing, we are not asking you to organise public Playday events but we are looking forward to hearing about the creative ways in which you plan to celebrate Playday in your area. This year, we are encouraging families to celebrate children’s right to play at home. In response to the unusual circumstances, the Playday events section of the website will not be available this year.

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