• Book endorsement policy

    Play Wales will accept requests by authors and publishers to endorse books with the following caveats:

    • The book or manuscript must be provided at no cost.
    • There must be capacity within the workload of Play Wales' team to spend time reading the book or manuscript to meet the deadline set.
    • Having read the book or manuscript Play Wales reserves the right to decline to endorse it and will provide a critique to the author or publisher only if this might be useful to the objectives of Play Wales.


    Play Wales will endorse a book or manuscript where:

    • It portrays children, children's play and playwork in a positive or objective light.
    • It is of a quality that is likely to further the interests and aspirations of the play sector.
    • It directly relates to children and/or young people's play, playwork or play provision.


    To request an a book endorsement please contact our Communications Team.

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