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    Creating accessible play spaces - a toolkit

    The Creating accessible play spaces toolkit is designed to provide clear and concise information that helps to create play spaces that enable all children to play in, along with friends and family.

    It contains information intended to help understand and address issues of concern and it provides practical, step-by-step tools and templates for undertaking work linked with removing the barriers to accessing play space faced by disabled children and their families.

    This toolkit focuses on spaces that have been designed specifically for play, such as playgrounds and play areas. However, it can be applied to many spaces throughout our communities and public space whether they have been specifically allocated for children’s play or not.

    Who is it for?
    This toolkit is intended to support local authorities, town and community councils, politicians at all levels, open space planners, housing associations and parks and playground managers when developing and upgrading accessible play spaces.

    It also provides guidance to local authorities and their partners in meeting statutory play sufficiency duties with regards to securing play provision. It will also be useful for playground manufacturers, parents and community members to understand the opportunities and challenges.

    The toolkit has been developed by Play Wales and Alison John & Associates following a growing number of queries from parents and providers about providing accessible play opportunities for disabled children in their communities. A small focus group of parents, local authority play area managers, play development officers and representatives of children’s organisations advised on the toolkit content.

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