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    Resources for playing - providing loose parts to support children's play - a toolkit

    The Resources for playing – providing loose parts to support children’s play toolkit has been developed to support adults in the play, early years and education sectors to provide loose parts play within their settings.

    Loose parts create richer environments for children to play, giving them the resources they need to extend their play. Environments which can be manipulated, where things move and can be moved open worlds of possibility for children to play and explore.

    Toolkit aims

    • To raise awareness of the value of loose parts to children’s play
    • To provide practical guidance about loose parts play to those who work with children and young people of all ages
    • To advocate the use of loose parts as an approach to developing play opportunities at home, school and in the community. 


    The toolkit will be useful for people working with children and young people in many types of settings including schools, health, early years and childcare settings, and for organisations that engage with children and families.

    Throughout the toolkit we have included examples and quotes from settings which are using loose parts as part of their provision for play. These come from a range of settings including early years and childcare, schools and community-based projects. As the underlying approach remains the same, examples provided can easily be applied to different contexts, environments and age ranges and to be inclusive of children with additional need of support.

    This publication is based on Loose Parts Play A toolkit, co-authored by Theresa Casey and Juliet Robertson. Originally produced by Inspiring Scotland, in collaboration with Scotland’s Play Strategy Group and funded by the Scottish Government. It has been adapted, with their kind permission, to reflect the Welsh context and legislative background.

    Additional resource

    Sourcing materials for children’s play - this information sheet explores the types of things we could consider sourcing or scrounging, tips about how to go about it to increase our chances of success, who may be able to help, as well as stories and tips form expert scroungers from across Wales.

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